The Drip

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Truly Great Coffee

As an independent coffee company, we like to keep it simple, with one well rounded blend of Papua New Guinea and Brasil Daterra Sunrise to give our coffee a smooth sweetness with notes of chocolate, caramel, cherries and vanilla with a citrus kick,

Our coffee is sourced locally by our very talented roaster Mr Eion

To ensure consistently delicious coffee, everything begins with the perfect grind. The Drip uses equipment manufactured for just that. Our Sanremo Zoe Compact machine fits comfortably in our limited space, while our Sanremo Grinder is the ideal sidekick, specified to provide a well adjusted grind every time.


Life inside the box

We operate as a small, independent company, serving our produce from two converted Police Information Boxes in the heart of Edinburgh - Tollcross & Morningside

Being a unique business, we pride ourselves on providing personalised service, our brand is focused on individuality and we aim to encourage our customers to come, be themselves, share, overshare and laugh. Buying a coffee shouldn't have to be a dull encounter, we want to shake things up, make someone's day, not just their coffee.

Behind the brand

The people who make it happen

Aimee and Jakub  (that's us!)

We are a Scottish-Polish couple cohabiting in our beautiful and beloved Edinburgh, The Drip for us has been the perfect opportunity to showcase our Barista skills and develop not only ours, but Edinburgh's love for great coffee.

We worked, researched and dedicated our time to being educated and passionate Baristas in order to finally take that entrepreneurial step, having worked for the previous owners of the box with The Counter brand, we knew we were ready to take ownership ourselves.